Matthew McConnaughey Styled by Marcus Francis for the 2024 Oscars

Mastering Red Carpet Style: Matthew McConaughey's Iconic Oscars Look


Matthew McConaughey has perfected the cool, laid-back American movie star image. He’s always embraced his iconic wavy hair proving it has that masculine, leading man look. It’s given the OK to all men aspiring to embrace their texture with style and a little polish."

Celebrity Stylist, Marcus Francis.

Marcus Francis shared his inspiration behind the icon’s look at the Oscars sharing that he aimed to maintain McConaughey's classic image while infusing a touch of modernity and texture, a task made effortless with the help of American Crew® products.

At the core of McConaughey's red carpet look was American Crew® Cream Pomade, a versatile styling product that offers natural hold with a subtle low-shine finish. This choice perfectly complemented McConaughey's signature wavy locks, allowing them to retain their classic shape while adding modern texture and refinement.

To achieve McConaughey's hairstyle, Francis began by prepping the actor's towel-dried hair with American Crew® Prep and Prime Tonic, ensuring optimal control and manageability for styling. Next, a small amount of American Crew® Light Hold Styling Gel was applied to the sides to maintain a squared-off shape, which was then loosely combed back and dried into place using a diffuser.

For refined texture and definition, Francis turned to American Crew® Fiber Cream, applying it to the sides and back of McConaughey's hair. To complete the look, American Crew® Cream Pomade was applied to the top, providing moisture-rich hydration and a natural finish that enhanced the hair's movement and shine.

The result? A red-carpet masterpiece that perfectly balances classic Hollywood glamour with contemporary sophistication. McConaughey's effortlessly stylish appearance serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of American Crew® products and their ability to elevate any grooming routine to star-worthy heights.

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