Make sure you never run out of your favorite American Crew products!


  • 15% off your first purchase
  • 10% off any reoccurring order
  • Free Shipping



Sign in & select 'Auto-Replenish' on the product page or in your shopping cart


Choose the frequency of your American Crew product shipment


Receive 15% off on your first order and 10% off on all future orders


  • After checkout your first shipment will be processed and your subscription will start
  • You will receive an email as a reminder before each delivery
  • In your account, you can manage the frequency, delivery and quantity
  • Your payment method will be charged for each auto-replenishment order only when it has shipped


QWhat Is American Crew’s Auto-Replenish Beauty Program?

AIt’s our way of making it a little bit easier by ensuring that you’ll never run out of your favorite products again. Sign up and you’ll automatically receive your favorite products at the frequency that works best for you. Your credit card will only be charged when your product ships and you can cancel your order at any time.

Q: Why Sign Up For Auto-Replenish?

A: It’s one less thing to think about. Gone are the days when you only have a little bit your favorite product left and absolutely no time to run to the store for more. With Auto-Replenish, your favorite products are delivered right to your door. Right on time.

Q: How Do I Sign Up For American Crew’s Auto-Replenish?

A: It’s easy. Next time you place an order for your favorite product(s), simply select American Crew’s Auto-Replenish option and the frequency you want to have your product delivered. Then, just check out as you normally would. You’ll receive an Order Acknowledgement email and, once the product ships, you’ll receive an Order Confirmation.

Q: How Do I Make Changes To My Auto-Replenish Deliveries?

AJust go to My Account, then click on Manage Your Subscription. Next, navigate to the order you would like to modify. From there, you can make the following changes:

  • Change ship date, update to ship immediately, or skip the next shipment
  • Update shipment frequency
  • Update product quantity on the replenished order
  • Remove product(s) from the replenished order
  • Cancel your subscription
  • Change billing and shipping address on replenished order under the Change Billing link and Change Shipping link

QWhen Will I Be Charged For My Auto-Replenish Orders?

AYou’ll never be charged until your order has shipped.

Q: How Do I Check The Status Of My Auto-Replenish Orders?

A: Simply log on to My Account and click on Manage Your Subscriptions.

Q: What If I Want To Cancel My Auto-Replenish Order?

A: No problem. You can cancel your order simply by logging on to your account at Simply log on to My Account and click on Order Status. Navigate to your order and click on Cancel Subscription. It’s that easy.